Desk-Top Publishing (DTP)


DTP (Desk-Top Publishing) Course in Kolkata

Desk-Top Publishing (DTP) is an introductory course that provides students with a understanding of the field of desktop publishing. Layout and Design: This course provides page layout and design, while incorporating other facets, such as typography, color and the use and placement of images.

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DTP (Desk-Top Publishing) Course Syllabus

Computer Fundamentals

  •  Introduction to Computers
  •  Types of Computer
  •  History of Computer
  •  Generation of Computer
  •  PC & Its Components
  •  Disk Defragmenter
  •  Categories of PC
  •  Evolution of Micro Processors
  •  Registers of Micro Processors
  •  Basic Components of Computer System
  •  Input Output& Storage Units
  •  Software
  •  Types of Software
  •  Types of Operating System
  •  Categories of OS
  •  Example of Utility Program
  •  Programming Languages
  •  Generations of Programming Language
  •  Application Software
  •  User & Example of Application Software
  •  Viruses
  •  Types Of Virus
  •  Virus Detection & Prevention
  •  Communication Process
  •  Communication Protocols
  •  Communication Channel / Media
  •  Modem
  •  Components of LAN
  •  Types of Internet Connections
  •  Internet & Its Advantages
  •  Internet Services
  •  WWW & Common Technologies of Internet

  •  Introduction to Window and Its Features
  •  Hardware Requirements of Windows
  •  Windows Structure
  •  Desktop
  •  Taskbar
  •  Start Menu
  •  Working
  •  With Recycle Bin – Restoring a Delete File
  •  Emptying the Recycle Bin
  •  Managing Files
  •  Folders and Disk Navigating Between Folders
  •  Manipulating Files and Folders
  •  Creating New Folder
  •  Searching Files And Folder My Computer Exploring Hard Disk
  •  Copying And Moving Files and Folder from One Drive to Another Formatting Floppy Drive
  •  Windows Accessories-Calculator
  •  Notepad
  •  Paint
  •  WordPad
  •  Character Map
Adobe PageMaker

  •  Components of PageMaker
  •  Toolbox
  •  Palettes
  •  Working with text
  • Constructing a Publication:
  •  Creating a new Page
  •  Save publication
  •  Preferences
  • Edit Text:
  •  Edit Story
  •  Master Page
  •  Measurement
  •  Ruler & guideline
  •  Page numbers
  • Layout menu:
  •  Sorting page
  •  Deleting Page
  • Text formatting:
  •  Type Menu
  •  Control Palette
  •  Expert Tracking
  •  Indents And Tab
  • Element Menu:
  •  Fill
  •  Fill and Stroke
  •  Create a Frame
  •  Arrange
  •  Wrap Text Group Object
  •  Image Control
  •  Using Photoshop Effect
  •  Change the Shape Of Polygon / Rectangle
  • Utilities Manu:
  •  Checking Spelling & Grammar
  •  Change Case
  •  Intex Entry

  •  Introduction to CorelDraw
  •  Toolbars
  •  Components of Corel draw
  • What is New in edit Menu:
  •  Introduction to CorelDraw
  •  Duplicate
  •  Clone
  • View menu:
  •  Full screen Preview
  •  Grid and ruler setup
  • Layout Menu:
  •  Insert page
  •  Delete page
  •  Switching page Orientation
  •  Page setup
  • Arrange menu:
  •  Introduction
  •  Transformation
  •  Order
  •  Behind
  •  Group
  •  Shaping
  • Effects menu:
  •  Adjust
  •  Transform
  •  Artistic Media
  •  Contour
  •  Extrude
  • Bitmap menu:
  •  Convert to bitmap
  •  Mode
  •  3d Effect
  • Art Strokes:
  •  Charcoal
  •  Pastels
  •  Pen & ink
  •  Scrap oared
  •  Sketchpad
  •  Watercolor
  •  Blur
  •  Smooth
  •  Color transform
  •  Halftone
  •  Edge Detect
  •  Find edge
  • Creative:
  •  Crafts
  •  Glass black
  •  Sample glass
  • Distort:
  •  Blocks
  •  swirl
  • Noice:
  •  Add Noice
  • Text menu:
  •  Edit text
  •  Fit text to path Tools & windows

  •  Introduction to Photoshop
  •  About work area
  •  Toolbox overview
  • File menu:
  •  What is new in file
  • Edit menu:
  •  What is s new in file
  •  Transform & Patten
  • Image menu:
  •  Mode
  •  Rotate image
  • Layer menu:
  •  New layer
  •  Layer styles
  •  New fill layer
  •  Add layer mask
  • Select menu:
  •  Inverse
  •  Feather
  •  Modify
  •  Grow
  • Filter menu:
  •  Extract
  •  Artistic
  •  Blur
  •  Brush stroke
  •  Distort
  •  Pixelate
  •  Render
  •  Sharpen
  •  Sketch

  •  Introduction to HTML
  •  HTML element and tags
  •  Evolution of HTML
  •  Creating HTML document
  •  Body element
  •  Block formatting element
  •  Heading element
  •  Paragraph element
  •  List element
  •  Anchor element
  •  Graphics element
  •  Table element
  •  Form element
  •  Frame element

 Career Opportunities:

TallyERP9 training course in olkata

  •  Graphic Designer

  •  Graphic Artist

  •  Interior Designer

  •  Fashion Designer

  •  Graphic Tutors

 Entry Qualification :

TallyERP9 training course in olkata

  •  Candidates will be admitted on the basis of interviews and / or group discussions.

  •  20% of the total seats will be reserved for SC, ST and OBC candidates.If the reserved seats are not filled within the specified period, the vacant seats will be offered to the general candidates.

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