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Video Editing Training Institute in Kolkata

Our Video Editing course have been designed to give in-depth knowledge of video editing and the students are in a position to be a Digital Video Editor, Video production Artist & Videographer at the end of the course.

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Video Editing Course Syllabus

Concepts of Digital Video Editing & Compositing

  •  Principles of Video Editing
  •  Compositing Techniques
  •  Storyboarding
  •  Camera Shots and Angles
  •  Film and Editing
  •  Methodology of Video Production
  •  Concepts of linear and non-linear Video Editing
Digital Video Editing & Compositing

  •  Editing Basics
  •  Handling video files
  •  Video Effects and Transitions
  •  Cut to Cut Editing
  •  Professional Digital Video Editing
  •  Dynamic Promos and Titles
  •  Chroma keying
  •  Super Imposing Digital Videos
  •  Creating Motion Graphics
  •  3D Layers and Effects
  •  Light and Camera
  •  Particle Effects
  •  Color correction
  •  Rotoscopy
  •  Generating Advanced Visual Effects
  •  Techniques of Rendering

  •  Real life project on Digital Video Editing and Compositing

 Career Opportunities:

  •  Video Editor

  •  Video Compositor

  •  Videographer

  •  Digital Video Editor

  •  Video production Artist

 Entry Qualification :

  •  Candidates will be admitted on the basis of interviews and / or group discussions.

  •  20% of the total seats will be reserved for SC, ST and OBC candidates.If the reserved seats are not filled within the specified period, the vacant seats will be offered to the general candidates.

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Manashi Dey

   I am a student of Microtech Global IT Solution, Kolkata. This institute is good for all the students. The teacher of this institute is very good and active. I like this computer institute. The room of the institute is very clean and sharp. This institute teach very well. I am feeling proud of this institute. Thank you...!   

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Priyanka Mondal

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MD Kashid Hossain

   I am MD Kasid Hossain. I am a student of Microtech Global IT Solution, Kolkata. Here I am doing Spoken English class. Microtech Global IT Solution is a very advantage platform by spoken English, computer course and more. There sir, madam are very Helpful. All time they Support and guide us. I am very enjoying this classes. I like this Institute very much.   

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Swapan Roy

   I am a student of Microtech Global IT Solution, Kolkata. I am studying here Spoken English class. The teacher are very good and we love each other. So, I like this institution.   

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Akhi Banerjee

   This is our institute. We come here to learn computer courses and spoken English. We have a very good teacher. Everyone at this khan is very helpful. ... Lots of benefits of practice through digital classes. Let's all learn to speak and write English.   

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